​Jewellery for Selected Jewellery Retailers

Our jewellery designers are available to create bespoke jewellery for our partners' customers.

Are you a jewellery retailer?
Do you receive enquiries for contemporary engagement rings?
Do your clients like to be involved in the design of their engagement rings?
Do you like to offer your clients really exclusive and niche designer-jewellery brands?
Do you like to deal with creative designer-makers rather than big manufacturers?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we would like to talk to you.

Exclusive Engagement Rings

Andrew Leggett is a jewellery designer, but has had a retail shop since 1985. - For many years, we sold all of our work through this outlet, but a few years ago we found that we were attracting clients from all over the UK who were coming to buy our Flick engagement ring and other contemporary engagement rings, so we decided to offer our work to a few selected retailers.

The fact that many people are travelling hundreds of miles to deal with us indicates that there is real interest from the public in our unusual and contemporary engagement rings. We believe that for every client who is prepared to travel large distances to purchase an engagement ring, there must be several more who are not, but who would buy the product if it was available closer to where they live.

You can offer your clients truly exclusive engagement rings that sell themselves.

Andrew Leggett is not aiming to become a big brand. We are all about individual designs and exclusivity.

Become a Retailer of our Contemporary Jewellery

We are keen to talk to quality jewellery retailers who are interested in working with us. If you become a retailer of our Flick engagement rings and/or infinity engagement rings we will offer a bespoke service to your clients.

Having a retail background, we understand the commitment that taking on a new brand requires. As specialists in bespoke jewellery we have a huge amount of experience in producing what our clients want.

We do not require you to purchase large quantities of our rings. You can trial the range with as few as six engagement rings and matching wedding rings. The investment required can be tailored to suit your business. The sizes of the gems used and the weights of the mounts are selected to suit the requirements of your business.

To find out more, speak to Andrew Leggett using the free ​click to call service.

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