Introducing the Flick© Engagement Ring

The Flick is a contemporary engagement ring that has become the signature style of jewellery designer Andrew Leggett. It was originally inspired by the classic "single-stone crossover" ring, which is a traditional solitaire engagement ring style that has been around forever, but unfortunately it does not usually sit well with a straight wedding ring. - The Flick style overcomes this problem, simply and elegantly by having one flat side to sit perfectly alongside the wedding ring., which means the stone is pushed down the finger, and one shoulder 'flicks' down to meet it, (hence the name.) The result is a subtly different and sophisticated contemporary engagement ring, that is very comfortable to wear.

A Flick engagement ring in matte platinum with diamonds, shown with matching wedding ringDesigning your Handmade Engagement Ring

The Flick concept is very simple, but every example of this stylish contemporary engagement ring is unique, as it is created for a particular person, taking into account their personal style, the kind of jewellery they usually wear, stature, size of hand, skin colouring and of course budget.
We offer clients the opportunity to get involved in the design of their own Flick ring, and because we make each ring from scratch by hand, we are able to offer an enormous degree of personalisation.

Nothing is pre-determined. We usually start by selecting the diamond or other gemstone. Choose the size and cut of the diamond that will look right on your hand. Often the stone size is dictated by the budget of the particular client, and we are able to select a stone to suit the pocket of each client.

We will then consider the band. We can make the Flick engagement ring in platinum, 18ct yellow gold, and 18ct red gold, individually or combined in various colour-ways, with a choice of highly polished or matte finish. We also work in palladium. Select the metal that you think best suits your skin-tone. The width of band can be from 2mm to 6mm, depending on personal taste, and the choice of profiles or cross-sections ranges from very rounded to absolutely flat.

Select the width and the depth of band that will suit your hand size, and your stone. You may decide to add shoulder stones for a little extra sparkle! Finally, the finish can be highly-polished or matte.

Flick engagement rings typically feature diamonds from around 0.20 ct. to 1.0ct, in round brilliant, oval and marquise cuts, but we have made them with diamonds as small as 0.10ct., and as large as 2.0 ct.

The stone quality we favour for all our contemporary engagement rings is D-colour (the very whitest grade of diamond) and VS1 clarity (very small inclusions). Diamonds weighing 0.35ct or more come with a gem certificate.

Diamond Flick rings are the most popular, but sapphires and other stones can also be used to create striking and unique engagement rings.

The possible variations are endless, and we are always pleased to discuss individual twists on the Flick theme, and of course completely bespoke engagement rings of all kinds. The images in the gallery give show just a flavour of the possible range.  Our goldsmiths would be delighted to discuss ideas for your own unique Flick engagement ring.

Please don’t hesitate to ​call us if you have any questions

For more images of the Flick© style please visit our ​​​Gallery.

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